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MXM Installation

To Install MXM, please follow the instructions below:


1: Download the Launcher Installer from the link found HERE

2: Run MxMInstaller.exe to install the NC Launcher for MXM

3: Click “Next” to begin the NC Launcher Installation process


4: Read and Accept the User Agreement



5: Chose where you want to install the NC Launcher and click “Install.” NOTE: The MXM game client will install to the same place you chose to install the NC Launcher. This cannot be changed at this time. Please ensure you have adequate space available.



6: After the NC Launcher has been installed, ensure the box for “Run NC Launcher” is checked and then click close.



7: After the NC Launcher updates you will then be prompted to log in using your NC Account Login name and password



8: After logging in you will then be prompted to “Install” the game client.



 11: If you are on limited bandwidth, before starting the installation it is recommended that you uncheck the box “Delete File after Installation.” If you leave this box checked and then cancel your installation, it will delete all the files you previously downloaded so you will have to start the installation from the beginning. Click “Start Installation” to begin the download.



12: After the game installs you will then be prompted with the MXM Client Setup screen. Click Next to continue.



13: On the “Choose Components” screen you will simply hit “Next” again as all the components that need to be installed are pre-checked for you.



14: You are unable to choose your install path on this screen for MXM. The install will default to the same location that you chose on step 7.



15: After the Installation completes you will be advised that the MXM client is automatically setup to collect any error reports that may be generated while you play. Click Next.



16: This install is now completed and you can launch MXM from the shortcut located on your desktop.

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