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Lag and connectivity reports

For us to be able to troubleshoot reports of lag and connectivity in MXM, we need you to follow the instructions below and provide us with the requested diagnostics.


First, we will need you to use a program called WinMTR to determine the health of your internet connection while installing, downloading or playing MXM. This should help us determine whether the connectivity issue is coming from your network, a data center in-between or from the NCSOFT servers themselves.


You can find the program and information on how to use it at


Please download and install WinMTR. Run the program and in the upper left corner you will see a "Host" drop-down text box.


In that field type in "" (for NA Servers) OR "" (for EU Servers).


Next, click the Start button and allow the tool to run for 100 seconds. Once you have at least 100 seconds of data, please switch over to WinMTR and click on the Stop button.


NOTE: Please run the WinMTR during the time that you are experiencing lag and/or connectivity issues. So when you are experiencing lag or are being disconnected in game, please run the report.


Lastly, click Export TEXT and save the file to your computer in a location that will be easy to find, such as your Desktop. Then please provide this information when you submit your ticket HERE

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