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The Reputation system


MXM has a groundbreaking system we like to call “Reputation”.  As you play the game you earn “Report tokens” that you can use at the end of a game by pressing the “sad face” button. If you do not have any report tokens, don’t worry, keep playing MXM and you will gain more. Alternatively, you can give players a “smiley face” to show that they were a good teammate, or fought well as your opponent.


The goal with these tokens is to allow the community the responsibility of  policing itself as much as possible, by rewarding players who deserve it, and warning players who may need additional motivation.


Why Am I a Troll All of the Sudden?

If you are negatively reported enough, your character will gain the troll title and suffer a small penalty to wait timers. The more you are reported, the higher your troll levels will rise and the more time you will have to spend waiting to play.


There is a way to lessen your wait time - as long as you play games without being reported your reputation will go up and your penalties will go away. Keep in mind this system is meant to keep players from being unnecessarily cruel and participating in play to keep our gaming environment fun!



  • Troll level 1
  • 2:30 wait penalty
  • If you are able to go 5 games without being reported, your penalty will go away. Please be aware of you continue Troll like behavior the penalty will return and may get longer.



What did I do to be reported?

Here are some common types of “Troll” Behavior

  • Using Unacceptable language
  • Not participating in a match
  • Leaving a match
  • Harassing other players/team members


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