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How to find my Latency

You will need a couple of tools readily available from your PC to help figure out what your latency is.  First off, you will need to login to the game. Next, join or make a full match from the dispatch menu and launch the Windows Task Manager.


Note: Please make sure that you are not on the Bridge and that you are fully in a match.


From the Windows Task Manager, under the “details tab” locate the MXMClient.bin and take note of the PID# that it is tied to.


Then launch a Windows Command Prompt (CMD) and run a netstat using the PID#. Enter this syntax into the Command Prompt: netstat –ano |find “YourPIDHere”.


Example: netstat –ano |find “5728”


In the above sample, the Port 12100 is the game connection. You will need to take note of the IP tied to this Port, from the example, it’s “”.


Note: the game may connect you to a different Port. Just take note of the IP beside it.


For reference and to help you identify what IP you are looking for, you should see one of the following prefixes:




Ping the IP you get from the CMD to see your latency.


Example Syntax: Ping



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