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Here at NCSOFT we take pride in creating safe and fun gaming environments for our players. MXM is no different! Sometimes though, players can lose their cool and create a less fun environment. If you find yourself being harassed by a player like this we have the following options to help you control your gaming environment.


Ignore list

Using the ignore feature you can simply stop getting messages from the harassing player. This is a great option if a player is spamming in chat or saying something that you may not agree with.


Chat filter

By default MXM has our word filter turned on to keep our players from seeing words that might be offensive. However please be aware that simply because there is a chat filter does not mean that it is ok to use words and phrases that would be considered negative or harassment.


Right Click Report

The MXM right click report features is there to give you the chance to report a player directly to the Customer Support team without having to place a support ticket. Please keep in mind that if you use this option you will not be contacted by support.



At the end of each match you have the opportunity to adjust another player’s reputation level by either giving them a Green Smile face, if they were a good player and you believe they should have a good reputation, or a Red Frown face, if you believe they were not a good team mate and should have a bad reputation.


Player ticket

If you believe that the best solution is to contact Support directly, you can! Please head to our Support site fill out the form and put in a ticket. Please allow for up to 24 hours for us to contact you!

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