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What are Nodes?

Items used to provide bonuses to Masters in both PVE and PVP situations. You equip them on the node page, which contains six slots for nodes and can assign different node pages to different masters. Every player starts with two node pages and can unlock more pages with in-game currencies.

There are five levels of nodes that a player can get:

  • Common
  • Standard
  • Superior
  • Rare
  • Legendary


Do nodes affect all masters equally?

Each master has unique node compatibility, depending on what kind of Master they are. On the node section for each master it will tell you what their node compatibility is and how compatible with the current node page they currently are.

My nodes do not work as well in unranked PVP play, is that a bug?

No. Currently unranked PVP modes only give you 50% of a nodes power when playing. If you want your nodes to have full power in PVP you will need to play in ranked mode.


Why do nodes only count for 50% when in unranked PVP modes?

We want to make sure that the unranked matches are not solely determined by what nodes a player has and to help educate why nodes and weapon upgrades are important. Nodes are 100% effective in Ranked play where we believe most of our player will be.


If I accidentally purchase a node or a node changes, can I get a refund?

No. Nodes are useful for all Masters and can easily be swapped with other nodes, because of this; the Customer Support team will not refund node purchases. Nodes are purchased with in-game currency that can be gained again through normal play.


I have feedback regarding nodes, how can I get it to the MXM Development team?

Please head over to our player forums at

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