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MXM – Currencies

MXM has multiple currencies, this article will go over each of the currencies and what they can be used for.



Gold is the main currency of MXM. You can earn it from PVE stages, PVP stages, quests, and achievements. It can be used to purchase items like, item materials, nodes, PVE skill upgrades, and other various in-game items.



X-Coin is our main pay currency. You can earn some X-coin from quests and achievements, but it’s generally received via purchasing it in our player store. X-coin can be used to purchase Masters, Skins, and items from the shop.



Sol is a currency that is gained via level ups and through some quests and achievements. It is used to unlock Masters.


Battle Field Medals

Battle Field Medals are earned through playing the PVP stages and can be spend on Item Materials and High quality nodes.


Medal of Reputation

Medals of Reputation can be earned by being in a guild and logging in every day. You can also earn these via login rewards. These medals can be used to buy boxes that have a chance to contain high level item Materials.


Style Tokens

Style tokens are created in the Style token Work shop. They are used to purchase Master skins that can be obtained nowhere else. There are multiple levels of style tokens ranging from broken – Legendary.


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